By Fred
4 stare because of price, it’s very expensive. On the one day of summer it did alright on the blowing cool air around the average size room, much better than a normal fan. It does heat the room faster on the hot air blow. We have had a few cool evenings of late and the AM05 heats the room in a few minutes. I like this machine and would recommend it to anyone, Shame about the heavy price.

By Jim Delderfield
Although a bit on the expensive side and excellent product and works very well. Pleased and satisfied with this one!

By Mike Perkins
love this fan/ heater. quiet, yet effective and occupies a small amount of space. Delivery was advised as the 18th but i actually received it on the 16th, cant beat that.

By Jan
This small machine really does warm the air quickly, it’s very portable and manageable especially having a remote control. As we don’t have central heating it really makes a difference.

By G-dad
So far I have only used the AM05 Hot &Cool for occasional heating. At this it is very good as you can heat a narrow or wide beam so I expect it to be cheaper than other heaters which essentially heat the whole room

By Alan Harding
we love it dose all it says would recommend it to all my friends and family a bit over priced

By Neil M
Although we haven’t used the Heat function in anger yet the cooler is fantastic. Quickly cools the room, looks good and safe – would recommend.

By Alan D Kennington
Although a bit on the expensive side, this fan is pleasantly quiet when in use and it is also quite compact.

By L.R. Ferrier
The fan is very much admired by all visitors. No one can fathom how it works! Everyone has to put their hands into the ovoid.

By Mrs C P Moore
This product has assisted with my sleeping during the hot weather, cooled the kitchen down completely, lets see what the winter brings.

By Patricia
It arrived on the hottest day of the year and I could not wait to unwrap it. I live in an upstairs maisonette and the room was unbearably hot. The temperature began to drop quite quickly but the room was still uncomfortable. I then had a brain wave and stood the fan on a small table and that made a huge difference. I move the fan into my bedroom a about an hour before I go to bed and am now getting a comfortable nights sleep. There is very little noise, unlike the unit I had before which you had to fill with water and was very noisy indeed.

By Lynda Byrne
I love this product. It may be a bit on the pricey side but you get what you pay for. I have it in my home office and it is like having air conditioning when I have this on the cold air. It is really powerful and quiet. As for the heating element, it heated my home office (14ft x 12ft within 10 minutes and was VERY warm. I am now going to order another one for use elsewhere.

By Gardener
This Dyson Hot and Cool does all that it claims to do. It is a well designed and functional product. Its heating properties are superior to an ordinary heater as well as being able to select the temperature to the exact degree. I have only one adverse comment. The remote control adhers to the top of the machine by what Dyson claim is a powerful magnet. I find that the slightest movement causes it to fall off.

By Judi Worcerstershire
This really was a considered purchase but well worth it. The fan is excellent and takes up so little floor space. Small enough to be placed on a table too. The remote control is such a good idea and makes best use of the many speed levels. Tried out the heater and that seems good too but ask again in the winter!

By Chris
don’t be put off by the price. I was slightly concerned after reading some reviews which read that this is not a good heater. I have already purchased a dyson 12 inch fan and I wanted to buy this as a winter heater. I found the heater to be as hot as a conventional fan heater with the typical dyson’s fan power. yes this is expensive but the build quality is fantastic and I believe it is well worth the money.

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